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Visual Web Sound

Unique, tailor-made
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I provide you with my visual and sound design services with a peak of expertise in graphic design, motion design, web design and illustration, in 2D and 3D, to create custom visual and sound identities for your brands, projects, products, and services, tailored to meet your precise and specific needs.

I also provide you with different tools for your projects and creations for your moods: BY MediaAndMe.

In a few keywords

2D/3DGraphic DesignerIllustratorVideo Post-productionMotion DesignerSound DesignerMusic ProducerWeb Designer

WCAGBlenderAfter effectsCubase ProPhotoshopIllustratorIndesignFigmaAIPremiereHTML5/CSS3/JS(vanilla)A11Y ...

and always a smooth collaboration with Agencies!

Audience first

Your project is designed and produced to attract attention, to be seen and to be heard by its audience!

Particular attention is paid to the expectations of the target audience and to accessibility because everyone can have constraints and, sometimes, disabilities.

In addition to the usual design tools, I have created the Colors Tester tool to ensure the best visual accessibility of product design and compliance with WCAG recommendations.

A few projects

Visual branding

Company, project, event identity.

The transposition of values to a trendy or to a long-term visual representation, according to the needs.

The visual definition of the communication.

This can range from the creation of the logo to the complete production of the graphic charter and the creation of ready-to-print files for business cards, brochures, leaflets, posters or any other printing medium.

Graphic design

Layout for any communication supports.

Metamorphosis of complex messages or processes into a clear and eye-catching visual composition.

Adaptation to the target media (print, screen, web, mobile...).

Creation of the layout of the communication and the necessary illustrations, the work of the images from simple adjustment to advanced composition and, if necessary, the preparation of the pre-press material for printing.


Artworks for any purpose.

2D or 3D illustrations of different styles for online communication, social media, printed materials or any other type of communication.

Realizations ranging from the simple illustration of «pixel perfect» icons, through cartoons at different levels of complexity and up to photo-realistic composition and illustrations.

Additional use of artificial intelligence (AI) for adaptable content illustrations that evolve alongside technological advancements, offering versatile styles tailored to your needs.

Web and interface design

Visual design of websites, apps and interfaces.

A responsive design optimized for interactive screens, focusing on accessibility (with particular attention to compliance with WCAG guidelines) and ergonomic usability.

Depending on the needs and size of the project, creation of the complete design, icons, illustrations and image editing, from simple fine tuning to complex composition and always web optimized.

If needed, I can provide the HTML/CSS(native)/JS(vanilla) demos, integration (optimized for passive SEO) and templates or video demos for animated design interaction and technical specifications for the development team.

Motion design

Add life to the communication.

2D or 3D animations for your TV communication, screens (exhibition halls, events, trade shows...), multimedia projects, web, social media...

Post-production or animated visual services from scratch as well as based on your own video footage and/or a specific scenario.

Interaction design to ensure the best digital feeling of the virtual elements, this based on examples in videos or in Web format (HTML/CSS/JS) depending on context.

Programs I like the most: After Effects, Blender, Premiere.

Sound design

Music production, sound effects and sound processing.

Every design project is unique. When it requires animation, movement and dynamics, sound and music are inseparable elements of a complete experience.

I can provide you with the simple sound effect to the complete musical composition and sound processing. I therefore review with you the exact needs and, especially for music production, I analyze with you what type of music and how the production can fit into your project.

By requesting an original musical composition, you can expect (orchestral) film scores or various styles of electronic music, always tailor-made and created exclusively for you.

Below, a playlist including some examples of original orchestral musical compositions:


Behind the name MediaAndMe you find Cédric Allen, your creative freelancer.

Beyond freelance design and production services since 2009, there are over 25 years of experience in graphic design, web design, and technical solutions for agencies or direct services at your disposal.

With end customers including public institutions, the pharmaceutical sector, automotive, energy or telecom industries, as well as small businesses, shops, and freelancers across various sectors, I handle projects of all sizes, from local to international, from trendy to timeless.

Discover my client endorsements and experience in details on linkedin.

My portfolio is available .

And some other projets on behance and instagram.

Available worldwide

Well, not exactly, but I deliver digitally wherever you are and work remotely.

Nevertheless, if you want to share a coffee, MediaAndMe is located in the south of Belgium, rue Albert Poupé in 1367 Ramillies.

Collaboration with agencies

Your trust, my greatest reward!

Collaboration between agencies and independents can sometimes be delicate from a competition point of view, from a discretionary point of view or even from a production point of view.
And since trust is earned, I make a point of honoring the following values: clarity, transparency, honesty and confidentiality in all exchanges with agencies and from the first contact. The priority being, above all, a serene and lasting collaboration.


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Cedric ALLEN
Cédric  ALLEN