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Hi, what can I do for you?

  • Need a logo, visit cards, leaftlets, posters?
  • Need a helping hand for your agency?
  • Need help for your online communication?
  • Need a new website or need optimization of your existing one?
  • Need a promotionnal video?
  • or just need an expert for more than 20 years in all this gibberish?
Then I can certainly help you!

What can you expect?

Unique services and tailor-made solutions, carefully studied to suit your needs!

I bring you visual and sound design services and production with a peak of expertise in Graphic design, Webdesign and Illustration to design brand and identity of your projects, products and services.

A short 3D video metaphor of what I do for you.

Your priority is to get attention, get viewed, get heard.
As a designer, my priority is your audience!

I pay specific attention to your target audience expectations and to accessibility as any individual may have constraints and, sometimes, disabilities.

In addition with usual design tools, I created and work with the tool Colors Tester to guarantee the best visual accessibility of the design produced and ensure compliancy with WCAG official recommendations.

Graphic Design | Layout for any communication supports.

I help you to express your simple message as well as your complex processes with a clear and catchy visual composition and ensure it fits with your target media (print, screen, web, mobile...). I create the layout of your communication and needed illustrations, refine pictures from simple adjustment to compositing and, if needed, I care about the photo shooting and preparation of the pre-press material to be printed.

Webdesign | Visual design of websites and apps.

I realize the visual layout that matches your specific audience. I ensure it fits on any required support (responsive design) and that it respects accessibility and ergonomics constraints. Depending on needs and project size, I may also deliver color palette, libraries, full design with size variants, individual elements as flat images, vector images, icons.

When needed, I create illustrations and retouch pictures from simple fine tuning to complex compositing.

I may provide HTML/CSS/JS(vanilla) demos, integration and templates for animated interaction of design I produced and, eventually, for some small websites (such as the one you are currently reading), create the full website with PHP, technically optimized for natural indexing (SEO), accessibility and following web best practices.

Visual branding | Identity of your company, project, event.

I turn your values into, or a trendy, or a long term, visual representation following your needs and define your visual communication.

This may start from the creation of your logo until the complete production of your graphic charter and the creation of ready to print files of your business cards, brochures, leaflets, posters or any other print medium.

Illustration | Artworks for any purpose.

I create the artwork with different styles for your printed material, your events or any other kind of communication. I realize digitally assisted hand drawn illustrations, vector illustrations as well as photo-realistic illustrations...

Interaction and Motion Design | Animate your communication

I provide video capture and edition services, post-production or animated visuals from scratch based on a concept and include your own video shots when needed. This may include 3D animation as well that will be created with Blender 3D.

I also work on interaction design to ensure the best digital feeling of virtual elements, this based on example videos, animated SVG if relevant or programmatically in Web format (HTML/CSS/JS).

Sound Design | Sounds effects and music production.

Any design project is unique. When it requires animation, movement and dynamics, sound and music are often the missing pieces of a complete experience.

I may provide from simple sound effect to complete music composition. Also, I will review with you the exact needs and, especially for music production, see which music genre and how a production may fit with your project.
Asking for music composition, you may expect film scores (orchestral) or various electronic music genre.

Who is MediaAndMe?

Beyond freelance design services and productions since 2009, MediaAndMe is also over 20 years of experience in graphic design, web design and technical solutions.

With final clients such as government and public institutions, banking and pharmaceutical sectors, automotive, petrol and telecommunication industries as well as small companies, shops, independents in various sectors, I worked on every size of project, from local to international, from trendy to strictly formal.

* Portfolio * available .

More detailed experience on linkedin.

Can't wait for the portfolio? That's fine, you may already discover some graphic design and illustration projects on behance.

Where is MediaAndMe?

Well, not exactly, but I deliver digitally wherever you are and work remotely.

Nevertheless, if you want to get a good coffee, MediaAndMe is located in the south of Belgium in 1367 Ramillies.

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